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It is a printed and usually folded sheet of paper for distribution, usually free and containing advertising material or information about a political party, charity, etc. Any of the subdivisions of a compound leaf such as a fern leaf. A small book usually having a paper cover booklet, brochure, folder, pamphlet.

Leaflets offer an effective form of marketing. If designed correctly, with the correct message conveyed and printed to a high standard, they can provide a cost effective means of advertising.

Leaflets are available in a wide range of sizes, one of the most popular being A5 leaflets . Utilised for a wide variety of situations and circumstances, such as to promote an opening of a new restaurant or club, through to utilising them at an exhibition, they offer a cost effective means of getting a message across to a broad range of people. One of the key elements of any form of leaflets is the leaflet printing
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Important Things In Your Business Card Design

Being in business, you can’t help but to look presentable and convincing to prospective clients. Even your business card design matters to the clients. In the business card, it is not just about your contact details. It is also a reflection of your company and your business. It is where your logo lies. You are offering the prospective clients an opportunity to do business with you. This goes to say that your business card style should be made in a way that convinces and showcase your business to the client.

Business Card as a Contact Detail

There are two major purpose of the business card. One is to provide your details as a prospective business partner or as an important contact. Second, is to provide a reflection of the company or the enterprise that you present. For the first reason, you need to ensure that you do not only have attractive business card design. You should also have the following data in your business card:

�Name of the company and Logo � You should have the name of your company next to your logo. The logo is an indication of formality that your enterprise does exist. Even if you personally make the business card, you should be sure that you have a logo on it as well as your company name.
�Name of the representative � Even though you are thinking of giving out your business card to those who already know you, its important that you place your name. After all, this is idea of the business card. It is used to tell the receiver your name and who you are in the company.
�Contact details � This is another good reason why business cards are made in the first place. It provides the contact information to the clients about where and how they can contact you. Your landline number and mobile phone number should be reflected on the business card.
�Websites and email � It is important that if you have a website, it should be promoted in the business card. By doing so, you are giving an opportunity for the prospect to browse over your site and know more about your business as a whole. Your email address will also be an immediate contact data whenever your prospect feels the need to communicate to you online.
�Motto � If you have a company motto, you can also place it in the business card. The motto serves as promotional words to convince prospects about how you business.

Business Card as a Reflection of Your Company

It is in the business card style that represents what business you have. If you use a business card style with something sophisticated and overly decorated with colors, words and graphics, you provide a certain image with the choice of the design. In the same way, the choice of simple words, less graphics and more formal colors also reflect different image about your company.

Overall, business card design can be by your choice or by a professional maker of business cards. To come up with a presentable business card design, you need to first determine what impression you want to give to your prospects. Once you determine this issue, you will get the step-by-step plan on how to come up with the design and details of your business cards.

Is Your Business Card Saving You Money But Costing You Real Estate Clients?

Discover the Benefits of Revamping Your Realtor Business Cards

Austin, Texas May 25, 2007 – When you meet potential clients, they form their first impression of you in seconds. By the time you finish introducing yourself and shaking hands, they already know if you’re someone they would want to do business with or not. You probably already realize that which is why you look and act professional at any event or location where you could run into potential clients.

Yet, the same Realtors who understand how important it is for them to look professional during those initial encounters forget the same rules apply to their business cards. Remember your business card is a symbol of your business so when a client sees your card he or she is making a first impression not just of the card but of your business. Again, you only have seconds to make a good impression. You have to make that time count if you don’t, your competition certainly will.

Remember real estate is an extremely competitive industry today as is any type of service business. For this reason, making strong initial impressions on the people you hope to work with is the only way to gain security in this industry.

Understanding how to make that all-important first impression can be difficult. Companies, such as 1001 Ideas in Promotion, understand the importance of a well-designed business card as part of a Realtor’s overall marketing approach. This knowledge helps them create business cards which create an incredible first impression but also meet the specific needs of people in your industry.

Why Your Business Card Needs a New Look

Business cards should always look professional. Even if you are just starting out as a Realtor, even if you haven’t had a closing, even if you’ve been in the business for years, no matter what your business card must appear professional.

Often Realtors choose local printers to create their business cards. They go in with no design in mind and simply choose the first style they are shown. Others go to online printers and use their self-serve design” programs. In both cases, the results are almost always disappointing. You end up with business cards that are plain and unimaginative (and sometimes down right ugly) or that are cartoony and unprofessional.

Maybe these methods will cut a little off the price of doing business, but what would your clients think about a Realtor whose business cards look like everyone else’s or whose business cards include childish graphics? Think about the message you are sending your clients by distributing these business cards. It’s probably not a message you want them to hear. It’s also not a message that is going to make you a success in your field.

The reason using these methods will never deliver the results you really want is because the business card design is everything and without the help of a true professional, preferably someone with prior experience in your industry, your business cards will never live up to their full marketing potential and neither will you.

Another good reason to seek out a professional is your business cards should be creative and eye-catching. A card without graphics, professional design, or any type of style is the easiest to forget and to lose.” While a business card that makes an impact from the first moment is more likely to be kept and to be remembered. After all, you want that potential client to remember you when the subject of buying or selling real estate comes up. Creative cards are also more like to be passed around and shown to others which extends the reach of your marketing.

While creativity is important, you do not want to be creative at the expense of a clear message, a professional design, or readable text. Working with someone experienced in business card creation can help you find the right balance.

Of course, many Realtors already understand the importance of business cards. They invest in creating professionally done cards on high-quality paper. But once they find a style, they stick with it for too long.

You should give your cards a redesign periodically. The style change will not only invigorate your boring cards but should breathe fresh air into your business. Business cards that look old and feel dated don’t suggest experience, instead they make potential business contacts feel you are behind the times,” resistant to new ideas, and maybe a little old-fashioned. Those are definitely not traits today’s clients are looking for in potential Realtors.

Your business card should show that you’re open to new ideas, creative, unique, interesting, and above all else professional. Achieving those goals can be tricky, even for a professional design company. That’s why you should choose a company, such as 1001 Ideas in Promotion, that understands the marketing significance of the business card and has experience successfully working with other real estate industry professionals.

Need another good reason to update or redesign your business cards? You’ll have a good excuse for distributing your business cards, even to people who may have gotten one a couple of years ago.

The bottom line is that if you’ve had the same business cards for more than a few years or if you didn’t have your current business cards created by a professional, it’s time to make a change. You’ll be surprised at how something that seems as small as well-designed business cards can increase your success.